ONward & UPward

Dear Friends,  What an exciting and fulfilling Easter we had!
Kit and I were greatly blessed to have our inaugural Sunday as a ministry team this last Sunday. We also rolled out our first live-streaming service on several platforms; you can find the Easter service on our website. We will be making adjustments over the next few weeks to ensure better quality and visibility. Our audio/visual team is excellent, and a special thank you to Jason Marion!
I have been starting the settling-in process this week, and I'm so excited to begin my work with you. I am on an accelerated learning curve to bring myself up to speed with the overall programs, teams, and processes; as well, I am listening to you and Spirit and exploring the training, classes, and workshops that will be implemented in the coming months. 
We are all on the cusp of inspired growth---can you feel the energy? It is exciting to know that we have come together by divine appointment, that we have new horizons to explore, internally and externally. Stay tuned for more developments in the days ahead. 
Please feel free to contact me through the church if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or events that you would like to plan. Your Board of Trustees has done an outstanding job of coordinating many activities over the last few months. Let's give them a break now, and let me help centralize our calendar and events. 
You can reach me through the church office at 512-847-6587 or at minister@unityofwimberley.com.

Many blessings,
Rev. Jill C. Carey