A Mystical Autumn Approaches

Hello Friends, Here we are at a new beginning, again.  Fall is approaching, maybe not on the thermometer, but our kids are getting back to school, and we will begin to see that delicious change in the light as the days slowly get shorter.  (Can you tell I love autumn?)

And so, in keeping with this new cycle, Kit and I will be bringing you a new series of talks and classes through September and October. Some of you may remember the wonderful book, originally published in 1996, Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, by Caroline Myss, Ph. D. 
As powerfully transformative as this book was when it was released, it is even more powerful in the context of our spiritual growth to the present. This material works with body, mind, and spirit to bring about deep healing through all the chakras and beyond. 
Here's a teaser: at the end of the book is a section for "the contemporary mystic." I believe we have more than a few folks in our midst who are in that category---or wish to be. So our Wednesday night classes and Sunday talks will reflect each other as we explore this timeless classic.
Our first class will begin Wednesday, Sept.5th at 6:30 pm at the church.
Many blessings,
Rev. Jill