How to Become a Member


Membership is a spiritual decision, and it is optional for all those choosing to attend Unity of Wimberley.

Most people become members when they are ready to take ownership in the development of our community.





Membership Requirements

1. Complete and turn in a New Member Application. These are available in the business office, but you may also wait to fill one out at the first Membership Class.

2. Attend a series of four Membership Classes. They are offered in the spring and fall, and are announced well in advance. You may attend these classes even if you're not sure you want to become an official member. You will learn more about the basic Unity teachings, the Unity movement worldwide and the Wimberley church. During this four-week period, applicants are asked to volunteer at least three hours at Unity if they are not already involved. Volunteer opportunities will be presented at the first class.

3. At the final class, if you are ready to become a member, you will be asked to sign a Membership Pledge that says: "Yes! I would like to become a member of Unity of Wimberley! I commit to supporting this church through my prayers and by regularly attending services, giving of my time and my talent in service to the church, attending classes and workshops to enhance my spiritual growth, and making financial contributions in proportion to my income.  I make this commitment knowing that the love of God in my heart brings forth all of my good. Thank you, God!"

4. Each group of new members is honored in a New Member Ceremony at a Sunday service, one or two weeks after the last class. This is optional, and you don't have to make a speech. You only will be asked to stand and accept the warm congratulations of the congregation.


If you have been a member at another Unity center, you may simply transfer your membership without attending the classes, although they're always fun! Email us about the transfer process.


Membership Privileges

Our Annual Membership Meeting is held on the fourth Sunday of January. At this meeting, registered members have the privilege of voting.

Business includes the election of new board members and the approval of recommended amendments to our bylaws. Throughout the year, special membership meetings may be called to conduct business as needed.

Becoming an official member also makes you eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees, the Nominating Committee that vets board candidates, or to serve as a prayer chaplain. Otherwise, membership is not required to participate in the life of the community.