Growing and Holding Each Other Up

Dear Friends, We are growing!
We are so happy to be welcoming 21 new members into our community on June 24. Please be here to let them know how much their presence adds to our joy!
We are also growing in consciousness, every day and in every way. Your participation in Sunday services, classes, volunteer work inside and outside the church---all are elevating us to a higher energetic level. 
As we do so, there are almost always disruptions within us as our old conditioned responses to life are reshaped or eliminated. This is natural! Do not let your heart be troubled for very long, as "this too shall pass." 
If you need prayer or talk support, please know that Kit and I are available to pray with you, meet with you, support you in any way that we can. 
You may contact us through the church, or email me at or email Kit at
Remember that we are a community of loving people who are always ready to lift each other up and remind each other of our True Selves.
Much love, many blessings,
Rev. Jill