Easter Message from Rev Jill & Kit

Dear Friends, This may be the most exciting Easter letter I've ever had the opportunity to write!
I am so pleased to be officially joining Unity of Wimberley this Easter Sunday as your Senior Minister. And especially pleased to be in partnership with Associate Spiritual Leader Kit Holmes (RScP)!
Kit and I knew years ago in a different place and time that we had powerful and transformative energy together, but we could never have dreamed that it would manifest like this! We have been building a vision for this congregation that will unfold in the months ahead. We'll be incorporating the best of New Thought teachings and practices in everything we do. We're not sure what everything looks like yet, but I can give you a preview: extended training for leadership and chaplains, more classes for various interests, a new look to the music program that incorporates the familiar and the yet unseen, TWO spiritual leaders available for spiritual counseling and guidance. . . How does that sound so far? 
So many of you have expressed an interest in seeing all these things and more. There is great energy "here on the hill", and Unity of Wimberley generates a welcoming and powerful presence that will maintain and attract exactly the perfect gathering of spiritual companions to journey with.
A note from Kit:
It's the "energy on the hill" that brought me here to begin with and I'm honored that I get to serve the Unity of Wimberley community here once again. 
Rev. Jill and I both know that the real "sacred ground" of this spiritual home is within the hearts and minds of each of you. At this time of fresh and bold new beginnings, I once again extend my sincere gratitude for your love and support as we all take part in this amazing, new spiritual adventure!
Easter is the hallmark of the Christian story, a time in which we are all renewed and refreshed. Taking its roots not only from New Testament scripture, but also from the Jewish Passover and the sacred nature cycles of our ancestors, Easter presents mystery, ritual, remembrance, and new hope. We hope you'll join us this Sunday as we explore, through music and word, this sacred and joyful holiday in a new, fresh context.
 Please invite family and friends to join you---all are welcome (just come early to make sure you get a seat!). For those of you who have called Unity of Wimberley your spiritual home for a while, please introduce yourself to someone you haven't met with a friendly handshake. Many of us love to greet everyone with open, enthusiastic hearts (and arms), but we also want to honor the "personal sacred space" of our guests and ask first if they're "huggers." Our mindful energy and welcoming presence is what people say brings them back to stay.
We can't wait to begin!
Blessings and peace,
Rev. Jill Carey, Senior Minister
Kit Holmes, RScP, Associate Spiritual Leader