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  • 02/16/2014 2:52 PM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)

    Board Meeting Dec. 16, 2013

    6:30 pm, Fireside Room

    Present: Scott Price, Carl Clark, Tim Alderman, Judy Davoust, Andrea Ballentine, Rodger Marion and Rev. Ellen Debenport

    Also present: Cherie Conway, business manager

    Absent: Marj Barlow

    6:33 pm – Scott prays in



    6:53 pm – Minutes from November and Dec email vote

    Judy moves, Rodger seconds – approved

    6:54 pm – Business Manager Report (Cherie Conway)

    Stephanie Schreffler at B-Square Bookkeeping is running the CFO program entirely, taking over from Cherie.

    Floor project – Lawry Ross is donating services as project manager; should be new floors in minister’s apartment by end of week

    Water diversion project – See three-part plan from last month, attached to minutes

    Part Two is guttering – Titan Construction has suggested removing back porch gutter and storing it. Wood is rotting – have Jeff replace.

    Gutters in front are too small. Titan suggests 8x8” gutter to match roof with a flyover to send water out the north end away from building; downspout on south end to run down parking lot. That means roof water won’t go in the ditch in front; the ditch will only collect water running off the hill.

    Cherie recommends spending $3,428 for the work. We’ve got the money and probably won’t need reserves to pay for it.

    Part Three is a canal system – ranging from mud to rock to landscaped and terraced. Depending on what we do eventually, the cost is $2,000 to $15,000.

    David Conway is project manager on this, will keep learning more and collect more numbers.

    Carl moves we replace the gutters, Judy seconds – approved


    Collected about $3,200 in pool fund so far. Made $1,000 down payment to Backyard Escapes; another $4,000 due 30 days before the repairs. Will have a work date soon.

    In January, will start telephone campaign to each pool member to ask for $200 or more. Time is short, the painting can only be done when it’s cool. Lawry Ross, Susan Renee Houchin and Caroline Harper have volunteered to make the calls.

    Still shopping for water to fill the pool.


    Christmas party at Jeff and Cindy Anderson’s was huge success Dec. 13.

    Next is Downton Abbey party in January and maybe three others.

    7:16 pm – Financials (Judy Davoust)

    $2,200 net income for November

    We haven’t paid Stanley Steemer from flood yet, but still expect about $15,000 in checking after we pay AmEx on Dec 21. YTD P&L is still in the red but expect black by end of year. Last Sunday was $3700 in the plate and three more Sundays to go.

    7:20 pm - Tithes

    $2,310 to tithe – 20% to Unity World HQ, 20% to Unity Worldwide Ministries and 10% to Unity South Central Region.

    $1,155 remaining

    Rodger moves we give it to scholarship program at Unity Institute

    Scott seconds


    7:30 pm - Minister’s Report

    Nominating Committee – Tim, Scott and Andrea are the only applicants.

    Background checks – should they be done for board candidates?

    Rodger moves we have a policy to run a background check as part of board nomination process. (We have to have the candidates’ written permission to do it). Judy seconds.

    If something shows up in the background check, the Nominating Committee decides whether it would impede the candidate’s ability to be an effective board member. Next step would be for the minister to bring the issue to the board.


    Ongoing need for volunteers with the kids. Youth department needs to be part of congregational workshop.

    7:50 pm Workshops

    Feb 22 for Deep Engagement?

    March 8 or 15 for board retreat?

    Ellen will check with Marj

    (Marj confirmed Feb. 22 for Deep Engagement. Rev. Karen Tudor confirmed she will facilitate a board workshop on March 8.)

    Howling Moon – set for Oct. 24, 2014 FRIDAY


    Volunteer Appreciation Dinner – go back to lasagna, salad and dessert

    Judy moves April 4, 2014 FRIDAY

    Ellen seconds


    Budget $1,500 and hire help! Start buying wine through the year and stash until then.



    8:09 pm -- Budget - Cherie will mail out draft budget before we vote to approve it.

    8:10 pm - Executive Session

    Rev. Ellen was asked to leave the meeting.

    Board voted to give bonuses:

    $1,000 to Rev. Ellen

    $700 to Kit Holmes

    $150 each to Kathy Ellison and Kristine Nilsen

    8:20 pm – Scott prays out


  • 02/16/2014 2:51 PM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)

    Board Minutes – Email Vote

    Dec. 2, 2013

    Marj Barlow moved and Judy Davoust seconded a motion to spend an estimated $1,670 to replace the laminate floor in the minister’s apartment bedroom, which was damaged by a leaking hot water heater in October. This is the cost remaining after a $1,737.67 insurance settlement.

    Approved by email Dec. 1 and 2, 2013.

  • 02/16/2014 2:49 PM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)

    Board Meeting  Nov. 18, 2013

    6:30 pm, Fireside Room

    (Motions and votes in blue)

    Present: Marj Barlow, Scott Price, Rodger Marion, Carl Clark, Andrea Ballentine, Rev. Ellen Debenport

    Also present: Cherie Conway, business manager

    Absent: Tim Alderman, Judy Davoust

    6:32 pm – Meeting begins


      Pray in – Ellen




    6:53 pm – Approve October minutes; Rodger moves, Carl seconds

    6:54 pm – Business Manager’s Report  (Cherie Conway)

    Handed out list of the past year’s facilities/property projects, which were unexpected, unbudgeted and not part of Cherie’s job. Cherie’s suggestion for next year is to hire project managers on a per-project basis, $15 an hour.

    • §  Damage from water heater unit in minister’s apartment got $1,738 from insurance; Lawry Ross is managing floor replacement project.
    • §  Tommy Potts wants to parcel Serenity Garden and let people adopt parcels to plant what they want as a community garden.

    7:00 pm -- Flood Followup (Cherie)

    • §  Halloween flood was not insured
    • §  Bob McGregor has offered an industrial ion machine to remove the musty odor remaining in the church
    • §  Will remove carpet from toddlers’ room bathroom and replace with linoleum or painted wood
    • §  Red Hawk dam is still safe; Red Hawk homeowners are trying to get estimates for repairs, which will mean an assessment for the church

    7:15 pm -- Drainage project (Cherie)

    David Conway headed a Big Dig immediately after the flood to carve ditches for water runoff. Those should handle a normal rain. But the property all slopes toward the front door on the west side of the church. Cherie handed out a Flood Water Control Project proposed by David.

    Three-phase proposal includes:

    • 1.    paving canals (ditches) to carry runoff
    • 2.    adding downspouts and some new gutters
    • 3.    building a low water retaining wall between the tennis courts and the church building

    David is working on estimates and timetable for board’s December meeting. We spent $3,200 for Stanley Steemer to remove water after the flood, so spending that much for flood protection would be a better use of money!

    7:25 pm – Pool (Cherie)

    Cherie has consulted with two experts. First estimate was $50,000, which included completely replastering and painting the pool and replacing the tiles around the rim, cutting a new drain, changing filters. Richard Kay from Backyard Escapes suggested instead patching instead of replastering, painting, and unplugging the drains. Current pumps should last another five years. He estimates $10,000. Add $7,200 to either amount for replacing the water in the pool.

    There are three parts to running a pool: circulation, filtration and water chemistry. Our pool fails them all, Richard Kay said.

    Cherie suggested using him (he’s local and a part-time paramedic). He promised an estimate this week. The work would take a week. He is already booked through January.

    How to pay for it …

    Some people are passionate about this pool who are not church members but swim here. Meet with them soon, explain the situation and ask them for money.

    Board long ago decided the pool has to support itself and is not a budget item or reserve fund. Have a congregational meeting to explain the situation and ask for donations, AFTER we have pledges from non-church pool members

    Richard Kay will also price a mechanism to help disabled people get in the pool.

    Rodger moves that we drain, repair and refill the pool for estimated $18,000.             

    Scott seconds (and notes we might increase pool membership prices next year). Approved.


    To make clear that this project is outside the budget, Rodger amends to add that a fund raiser will pay for this, which will include non-church pool members. Scott seconds. Approved.

    Marj – Think of the pool as community outreach

    Cherie – Everyone who joins says how grateful they are we offer the pool.

    7:47 pm – Howling Moon update (Cherie)

    • §  $9,143 net net for church after giving nearly $3,000 to Operation Good Shepherd
    • §  Already have 64 out of 100 reservations for Christmas party

    7:49 pm – Self-Managed Events (Cherie)

    Donnie is setting up and cleaning up beyond his job description. Cherie asks for the board’s support in managing events, cleaning up, moving tables. Marj wants Donnie to know he is “like a gift from heaven” and we don’t want him to get worn out.

    7:57 pm – Tithes

    Ten percent of October revenue including Howling Moon is $3,334.


    Half the tithe ($1,667) to Cherie Conway with usual percentages to Unity School, Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity South Central Region. (20-20-10)

    Ellen moves, Carl seconds – approved


    Cherie says thank you!

    8:05 pm – Minister’s Report

    • §  Nominating Committee – board applications are ready, none have been returned yet. Ellen recommends not encouraging newest members to run because they haven’t volunteered enough or learned enough about Unity.
    • §  The prosperity class, Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay, ends Nov. 19. Ellen surveyed the class members and was told the book and the class were pretty successful. The 24 sign-ups settled into about 15 regulars.
    • §  Advent will include a weekly candle lighting with families.
    • §  Board discussed whether the church should help promote a fund-raiser for one congregant who is ill. Ellen recommended against it because so many people are promoting good causes and would all want to raise money through the congregation.

    8:24 pm – Playground Feasibility Committee - Andrea

    Andrea has heard parents wishing we had a playground for kids. She offers to head a feasibility – not planning – committee and work with parents interested in a playground. Let them discover how much it costs and how heavily regulated playgrounds are. Also remember capital projects are funded separately, not in the budget.

    8:35 pm – Workshops (Marj)

    Strengths workshop for beginners on Nov. 16 had 16 people in attendance. Marj wants to move toward advanced strengths workshop after new board is in place. Look at Theory U at presencinginstitute.com.


    8:40 pm – UWM expenses (Marj)

    Andrea moves to match the per diem from Unity Worldwide Ministries to help Tim Alderman attend four board meetings a year. Rodger seconds. Approved.

    For 2013, we will give him a total of $1,500, which includes whatever we’ve already given him. We will budget $1,500 for 2014.


    Volunteers to pray:

    December – Scott

    January – Marj

    8:45 pm – Ellen prays out

  • 11/20/2013 8:09 AM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)

    Board Meeting – Unity of Wimberley

    Oct. 21, 2013

    Present: Judy Davoust, Rodger Marion, Marj Barlow, Scott Price, Tim Alderman, Rev. Ellen Debenport

    Absent: Carl Clark, Carolyn Cusack

    Also present: Cherie Conway, business manager

    6:31 pm – Judy prayed in

    6:37 pm – Meditation (Rodger)

    6:41 pm – Check-in

    7:03 pm – Approve minutes (Judy moves, Marj seconds)

    7:04 pm – Business report (Cherie Conway)

    • §  Water heater leak in minister’s apartment damaged floor; insurance adjuster visited today
    • §  Everything else is Howling Moon plans for Oct. 26

    7:05 pm – Financials (Judy Davoust)

    • §  Dashboard looking great
    • §  P&L for Sept 2013 – net income $9,186 for the month
    • §  Tithing is inching up
    • §  Only $13,000 below budget – certain that auction and house parties will cover
    • §  Weekly report shows average deposit over $5,000 past two months with attendance average 97 in Sept, compared to 75 last year

    7:11 pm – Tithes

    Something for Kimberly Kruger to thank her for peace pole donation

    Let her decide where to donate it

    Or put a permanent bench with her name (or without) by peace pole; Scott might build - $1033 would probably pay for two

    Ellen will talk to her

    (Update 10-24-13 – Kimberly asked that the money be put in a fund for future improvements around the peace pole. She liked the idea of benches but wants to make such decisions with her team.)


    7:21 pm – Pool (Cherie Conway)

    Part A

    • §  We have to drain the pool. Typically done every five years, ours has been at least 10. Makes chemical balance harder to regulate. 
    • §  About $7,200 to replace water. Expect to do this in November.
    • §  Will let everyone know what’s going on through many channels, including emails to all pool members

    Part B

    Also erosion down to the gunnite on the bottom; has to be empty to fix. There’s probably water leaking into the ground, and it has to be dry before repairs. Will check when it is drained.

    • §  Hard to know repair costs until someone gets in there.
    • §  Also need to repaint – about $3,000
    • §  Tile damage around trim
    • §  Pumps are okay; can get them sealed and refurbished for about $1,000
    • §  New sand in filters, new chlorinator sized for our pool

    This would make for a “sub-optimal but reasonable” pool, Cherie said.

    Other option is demolition, probably about $15,000

    Vivien Braslau, passionate swimmer (not a church member) has offered $5,000. Others might write a check. About one-third of church attenders are pool members.

    Marj moves, Judy seconds draining the pool (and change the gate lock)

    Talking point: We’re draining the pool because it needs to be done periodically, and we also need to assess any damage.

    7:48 pm – Minister’s report

    Christmas – Dec 8 for men’s turkey lunch

    Dec 13 for Christmas Party

    Dec 24 for Christmas Eve service

    Decorate church on Nov. 30

    Nominating Committee – David Medlock has agreed to join Rev. Ellen, Judy Davoust and Peggy Cole

    7:53 pm – Board changes

    Vote to accept Pat Pattison’s resignation with appreciation

    Tim recommends appointing someone to replace Pat for three months, then that person can run to fill Pat’s term – two years. Suggests Andrea Ballentine.


    Ellen moves, Rodger seconds to offer appointment to Andrea

    Ellen will ask her (Update 10-24-13 – Andrea happily accepted.)

    8:05 pm – Younger members

    Recently, 12-year-old twins Faith and Grace Calvanese attended the membership class and participated in the member ceremony. Board discussed creating a level of junior membership but decided to wait to see whether other kids are interested.

    8:12 pm  -- Workshops and Visioning

    Tim –

    • §  Wants to postpone Deep Engagement workshop on Nov. 16, which was planned as a congregational follow-up to Strengths workshops.
    • §  Would like to see us move into spiritual social action. We’ve secured the land. What are we going to do outside of ourselves now?
    • §  Do Mission/Vision statements need to be updated?
    • §  What is next year if this was Our Amazing Year?
    • §  Encouraging StrengthsFinder with new members.

    Marj – will use the Nov. 16 date for another intro Strengths workshop

    8:25 pm – Judy prays out with blessings for Howling Moon!

  • 10/29/2013 9:20 AM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)

    Unity of Wimberley Board Minutes

    Sept. 16, 2013



    In attendance: Rodger Marion, Carl Clark, Tim Alderman, Judy Davoust, Rev. Ellen Debenport

    Also in attendance: Cherie Conway, business manager

    Absent: Scott Price, Marj Barlow, Pat Pattison, Carolyn Cusack


    6:49 pm Approve August minutes as amended


    6:49 pm Business Report (Cherie Conway)

    Quarterly CFO payment is Oct 1

    Caroline Harper is now office admn and volunteer coordinator with a big role in Howling Moon. She also has experience fund raising.

    Lightning zapped our printer, Internet connection and router, plus two channels on the sanctuary sound board that will probably cost $200-300 to repair. Epson replaced the printer free. Cherie is not sure it’s worth filing an insurance claim.

    Expecting a crowd for Sunday’s peace pole dedication with 111 chairs in the sanctuary and closed circuit TV in Fireside (Donnie, David Medlock)

    Andrea Ballentine reworked labyrinth that had been dug up by hogs and was overgrown with weeds. Weed-whacking on the trails to the labyrinth planned for Saturday.

    The campus directional signs are up – gift of an anonymous donor.

    The pool is in black so far this year by $2,568.

    6:54 pm – Financials (Judy)

    Everything about the same. We paid $5,000 for the air conditioners out of general fund.

    Board voted to divide our $2,067 tithe:

    20 percent to Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village

    20 percent to Unity Worldwide Ministries

    10 percent to Unity South Central Region

    50 percent to Unity as this year’s second payment on our Unity Tower garden sculpture.

    6:56 pm – Minister’s Report

    World Day of Prayer – Cherri Burrows did a lovely job for a very small crowd.

    Peace Pole preview – A peace-themed service Sept. 22 will move outdoors to the peace pole for a dedication ceremony.

    The new members class has about 10 people expected to join, mostly young couples with children in our youth program. Prosperity class starting Sept. 17 with 24 people signed up.

    7:05 pm – Nominating Committee start-up

    The board elected Judy Davoust as its representative to the Nominating Committee for 2014 board elections. She joins Rev. Ellen and Peggy Cole, who was elected at the annual meeting in January 2013. The three of them will appoint a fourth member from the congregation.

    At Rev. Ellen’s request the board discussed whether to reduce the size of the board or change the criteria by which members are chosen. No formal changes were made, but the board agreed that not all nine slots have to be filled if no qualified people are available. According to the bylaws, the board can have six to nine members.

    7:24 pm – Budget meeting scheduled for Nov. 25

    Rather than go through the preliminary budget at a board meeting, the board decided to schedule a planning meeting focused on the budget for Monday, Nov. 25, and invite anyone in the congregation who is interested. Judy, as treasurer, will issue the invitation from the platform the first Sunday in November. She will make it clear this is a “green eyeshade” meeting to go through the budget line by line, not brainstorming future projects.


    7:27 pm – Howling Moon (Cherie)


    Rather than have people bring food for the Silent Auction, chef and new member John Lichtenberger has created a menu that will total $700-800. We’ll have a buffet in the Fireside Room as well as people walking food around on trays.

    Costs committed to so far – about $1888. Hoping to cover costs with door fees ($25 x 100 people)

    Renting 10 tables for listening area

    Weakest team right now is advertising. Lawry Ross and Caroline Harper are meeting with Cherie to make plans.

    7:34 pm – Approved a $50 donation from the church to Habitat for Humanity Walk


    7:34 pm – Strengths workshop update (Rodger)

    Three people expected so far for Saturday’s workshop, maybe more by the weekend. Churchwide strengths workshop is Nov. 16 – will plan at October board meeting – culminating Our Amazing Year.

    Discussion of whether we had scheduled a HUG meeting for Oct. 13 or not at the last meeting. Rodger believes the congregation needs an opportunity to meet with the board, even without a specific agenda, and Tim doesn’t want a meeting without a reason. Rodger checked his notes and emailed next day that the board had decided in August not to have a HUG meeting right now but scheduled the two strengths workshops.

    7:40 pm – Carl prayed us out, asking God to end the drought!

  • 10/29/2013 9:19 AM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)

    Board Meeting

    August 19, 2013

    5:30 pm, Fireside Room

    Present: Tim Alderman, Scott Price, Rodger Marion, Carl Clark, Carolyn Cusack, Pat Pattison, Judy Davoust, Marj Barlow and Rev. Ellen Debenport.

    Absent: Jane Knaus

    Also present: Cherie Conway, business manager

    Pat Pattison prayed in and the board members checked in with their favorite chapters from Spiritual Economics.  For the next meeting it was suggested that the members check in with stories from church attendees.  What are they doing and feeling?  Why are they here?  What are they grateful for?  Try to catch them practicing principle. 

    Rodger Marion led a meditation.

    The minutes from the June meeting were approved.  The minutes from the electronic meetings in July were approved as amended. 

    The resignation of Jane Knaus was regretfully accepted.

    Cherie Conway reviewed the budget and current financial reports.

    It was moved and seconded to divide this month’s tithe of $2,067 with $1033 to Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center, then 20% each to Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Headquarters and 10% to the Unity South Central Region.

    In the business report Cherie reported that the first CFO payments have been made; there is now more money going to pay down the principal.  All the computers have been set up and a new printer has been purchased.  She reported that the new outdoor signs will be up soon.


    Rev. Ellen gave the minister’s report, outlining events in the near future.  Both membership and prosperity classes will be starting and there will be a pulpit swap with Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett from San Antonio.  The church is hosting a regional training for youth teachers the first weekend of October.  Molly Steel will be starting another grief workshop in October. 

    Cherie gave a Howling Moon update.  She anticipates raising $15,000 from the silent auction and $5,000 from the home parties.  Fourteen teams have been formed to handle the details. 

    The peace pole and the masonry have been completed.  It is anticipated that the pole will be place in the next two weeks, but will remain covered until the ceremony on September 22. 

    A congregational workshop is planned for November 16.  It will be Deep Engagement, an advanced strengths workshop.  On September 21, Rodger will coordinate a strengths workshop for new members and those who were unable to participate last fall.  


    Pat prayed out and the meeting was adjourned.

    Pat Pattison, Secretary

  • 10/29/2013 9:17 AM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)
    The board agreed by email not to meet in July 2013.
  • 10/29/2013 9:16 AM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)

    Board Meeting

    June 17, 2013

    5:30 pm, Fireside Room

    Present: Tim Alderman, Scott Price, Rodger Marion, Carl Clark, Carolyn Cusack, Jane Knaus, Judy Davoust, Marj Barlow and Rev. Ellen Debenport

    Absent: Pat Pattison

    Also present: Cherie Conway, business manager

    5:30 pm – Gathered for potluck

    Carolyn Cusack prayed in

    6:15 pm – Tim Alderman led a discussion about church finances

    Cherie Conway reviewed the budget and current financial reports.

    Rodger Marion suggested the board was not taking the financials seriously enough and said prosperity consciousness is not the same as “endless optimism.”

    Cherie said extra revenue has been coming from classes, workshops and pool memberships, and the Silent Auction in the fall is expected to bring $15,000.

    Marj Barlow wondered what we’re doing to develop our attractiveness, which prompted discussion about the success of house parties to deepen congregants’ engagement with others in the church. Various suggestions for parties were made.

    Cherie updated the board on plans for the Silent Auction and urged board members to solicit donations from local merchants. She also reported that Lawry Ross bought a temporary liquor license designed for religious organizations from TABC, so we can sell alcohol at the Silent Auction and will not need TABC bartenders to serve.

    8 pm – Approved minutes from May 2013

    8:05 pm – Rodger moved and Ellen seconded to divide this month’s tithe of $2,067 with $1033 to Arts for the Heart, which provides art classes to schools and to adults, then 20% each to Unity Worldwide Ministries and Unity Headquarters and 10% to the Unity South Central Region.

    8:15 pm – Carolyn prayed out


  • 06/04/2013 6:42 PM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)


    Special Meeting on May 6, 2013

    Business Manager, Cherie Conway, asked for a special email board meeting to be held to consider changes to the management of the church’s General Fund and Church Family Ownership Program bank accounts which resulted in the motions below.  Rev. Ellen Debenport distributed the motions via email to the entire board, noted who seconded the motions, and collected responses.

     MOTION 1: Rev. Ellen Debenport moved that we update the authorized signatories on the Ozona National Bank General Fund account, 1004 0909, as follows: Tim Alderman, President; Judy Davoust, Treasurer, Cherie Conway, Business Manager.  This account will also be changed to an interest bearing NOW account (required minimum balance of $1500).

    Judy Davoust, Board Treasurer, seconded the motion.

    The motion passed.

    MOTION 2: Rev. Ellen Debenport moved that we transfer the CFO Program (Church Family Ownership) Sinking Fund bank account from BBVA Compass Bank in San Marcos, 3054 9414, to a new and entirely separate NOW account at Ozona National Bank to accommodate no-fee electronic fund transfers (ACH) of CFO quarterly payments to investors.  Authorized signatories for this account will be as follows:  Tim Alderman, President; Judy Davoust, Treasurer, Cherie Conway, Business Manager. 

    Judy Davoust, Board Treasurer, seconded the motion.

    The motion passed.

    Submitted by,

    Patricia Pattison, Secretary

  • 06/04/2013 6:41 PM | Ellen Debenport (Administrator)

    Board Meeting

    April 15, 2013

    6:30 PM

    Fireside Room


    The meeting was called to order by President Tim Alderman at 6:30pm.

    Members present: Tim Alderman, Marj Barlow, Carl Clark, Carolyn Cusack, Judy Davoust, Reverend Ellen Debenport, Jane Knaus, Rodger Marion, Patricia Pattison, Scott Price (via Skype), and Business Manager Cherie Conway

    The meeting began with prayer, a member check-in and a meditation.

    The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as written.


    The Business Manager’s Monthly Report was made by Cherie Conway.

    Reporting on facilities, Cherie Conway concentrated her attention on the opening and maintenance of the swimming pool.  She distributed a detailed document entitled “What It Takes to Run Our Pool.”  That document is included as part of these minutes.  She suggested that we hire a pool administrator at $15 an hour for approximately 6 hours per week.  Donnie will continue as the pool manager, taking responsibility for the pool maintenance.  It was moved, seconded, and unanimously passed that we initiate a pool key program.  Each pool member will receive a key that will be needed for both ingress and egress from the pool. 

                The Financial Report was reviewed with Judy Davoust, treasurer, and is included as part of these minutes.  The income for March was $19, 720.61 and the expenses were $15, 338.86 resulting in a $4381.86 net income.  There is approximately $18,000 in the General Fund account.

    For special project financial needs, it was suggested that projects be announced in the Sunday church services or in the HUG meetings to ask attendees if they can financially help support a particular project. 

    This month’s tithing was $2, 067.  The Board voted to send one half this month’s tithe, $1.033.50, to Rev. Diana Isaac, the Unity of El Paso minister, for her ministry in Juarez. The other half will be distributed as follows:  20% to Unity Worldwide Ministries, 20% to Unity School of Christianity, and 10% to Unity South Central Region – USCR.

                A summary of the CFO report was presented.  A total of 40 notes were sold; 24 of them were from IRA’s. 

                The business manager’s report, included as part of the minutes, includes all scheduled church events listed by date and title.

    The Minister’s Report was made by Rev Ellen. 

                The visitor and hospitality table guidelines were reviewed.  Positive feedback was received from the Board members who have already taken their turns. 

                The Board discussed Michael Gott’s visit on April 14. He was enthusiastically received in the service and eighteen people participated in the afternoon workshop.  

                Scott Price reported that most of the actual work on the Peace Pole will be done in May.  The words “Peace Will Prevail on Earth” will be inscribed on the pole in eight different languages.  Jan McGowan is investigating the purchase of pavers for a sidewalk to the pole.  Each paving stone may be purchased and engraved.

                The Silent Auction will be chaired by Tim Alderman, Lawry Ross, and Rev. Ellen.  It now will be held on October 26.  It will be called the “Howling Moon Concert and Benefit.” Operation Good Shepherd has agreed to participate and will receive 25% of the proceeds.  Both a live and silent auction will be held.  Board members are encouraged to offer vacation time shares and dinners as auction items. 

    The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner was described as a huge success.  However, we did overspend the budget amount allocated.  We will consider various opportunities for the 2014 dinner.    


                Before adjourning, the board set positive intentions for prosperity and unlimited abundance from the universe flowing here. 

    The meeting ended with prayer and was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

    Submitted by,

    Patricia Pattison, Secretary

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